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"Dazzle Me" Vinyl Record (or 2 records for $45)
  • "Dazzle Me" Vinyl Record (or 2 records for $45)

    Full length album "Dazzle Me" now released on vinyl! Includes new two-sided insert and all tracks have been remastered for vinyl pressing.

    all songs written and sung by Michael Cassady and Paul Rust.
    produced by Dan Molad and Emeen Zarookian.

    original digital release November 27, 2018

    all rights reserved


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    Dazzle Me track order

    Side A:

    Space Worm

    Party All Night Until 10PM

    Lions For Lambs

    Don't Wake The Ghost

    Lily Pad On Your Doorstep

    The High Road

    That's Right I'm Five

    Have You Ever Seen A Rainbow?


    Side B:

    Electric Rollerskates

    Simon's Cube

    Taco Night

    Dreams of the 60s


    Alfred E. Neuman

    Thud Butt