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"Bellezas" Vinyl Record
  • "Bellezas" Vinyl Record

    Full length album "Bellezas" featuring select tracks initially debuted to the SONG-A-WEEK podcast audience in 2020-2021, now releasing exclusively on vinyl! Includes two double-sided inserts and all tracks have been remastered for vinyl release.


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    Bellezas track order

    Side A:

    Let The Meteors Fall

    Denim Vest

    Baby Gets (What Baby Wants)

    The Stratosphere


    At the Latticeview Inn


    Side B:

    We're The Universe

    Sailor At Heart

    Little Little Microchips


    A Flower In My Garden

    I Can't

    all songs written and sung by Michael Cassady and Paul Rust.
    produced by Emeen Zarookian and Michael Cassady.

    release date November 8, 2022.

    all rights reserved